1.3mg EVERSTORE Double Wall Leachate Tank | UIG Tanks

1.3mg EVERSTORE Double Wall Leachate Tank

AWWA D103-09std. UIG-EVERSTORE® 1.3M USG usable capacity each double wall leachate holding tank for Lane County, Eugene – OR.

Special enameling – Glass Coating System in conjunction with special Titanium Rich Hot Rolled Carbon Steel that was produced specifically for enameling application was utilized to manufacture this tank in order to withstand pH levels from 2-13.

UIG Finless tank bolts with EPDM rubber washers were installed even on the bolted steel floor to ensure zero damage to the tank’s enameling system during the field assembly by UIG trained dealer.

Galvanic Sacrificial Zinc anodes were installed on all submersible surfaces for secondary protection of the tank against corrosion.