500,000 USG Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tank | UIG Tanks

500,000 USG EVERSTORE Glass Fused-to-Steel Tank

Blue Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank being installed on a hillside in Tinian MP

Tinian, MP – 500,000USG, NSF61 certified AWWA D103-09std. UIG-EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank for potable water storage application.

All nozzles and accessories on this particular tank are composed of SS316.

Tank is equipped with a suspended Magnesium anode Cathodic Protection system that was designed and supplied by Corrpro.

Self-Supporting Geodesic aluminum dome roof is designed to AWWA D108-10std.

Design life of UIG-Everstore NSF61 approve d tank is min. 30-40 years but depending on the tank maintenance schedule the tank could stay in service for up to 50-years.