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Since 1969, United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG Tanks) has been leading the industry in crafting innovative storage solutions, ranging from Bolted Water Tanks to Field Welded Fuel Storage. Our commitment to excellence shines through our EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tanks, ECO-973 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Bolted Tanks, and EVERDOME® Aluminum Geodesic Domes.

Beyond just providing tanks, we tailor storage solutions to fit your unique needs, whether it’s for aboveground bolted water tanks or field welded tanks. Our expertise spans all climates worldwide, from the desert to the Arctic, ensuring quality in every environment. United Industries Group, Inc. proudly holds NSF 61 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

With decades of experience, we offer the most efficient and cost-effective storage solutions for your specific applications. Our comprehensive services extend beyond the tank itself, encompassing consulting, engineering, and professional installation, all tailored to meet your project’s exact requirements.

Choosing UIG streamlines your project by eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and installers. We are your one-stop solution, unmatched in skill and experience across industries, including heavy industries like petroleum and petrochemicals, energy Industries such as petroleum and natural gas, and consumer products ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals.

We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design, and professional installation to meet your project’s most stringent specifications.

If you have experienced the frustrations of dealing with multiple suppliers, and installers, you will appreciate the difference working with UIG will make. We are uniquely skilled and remain the most competent and experienced company for your entire project.

Two empty blue water storage tanks being build with the frame for an aluminum dome roof on top of the closest one.
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Worker on a ladder applying sealant to panels on a bolted tank
A pair of blue paneled circular water storage tanks


Bolted storage tanks are highly favored within Heavy Industries for several compelling reasons. Their adaptability allows for the safe storage of various critical materials essential to industrial operations, ranging from petroleum and petrochemicals to organic and inorganic chemicals, mining and metallurgical substances, polymers and plastics, pulp and paper products, industrial wastewater, port facilities, and fuel terminals. These tanks offer unmatched durability against corrosion and degradation, ensuring the integrity of stored materials while complying with rigorous regulatory standards. Their scalable designs and straightforward installation process facilitate seamless integration into existing industrial infrastructures, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. Their portability further enhances their utility, enabling swift relocation as operational needs evolve.

The bolted storage tank’s customizable design accommodates a wide array of materials, including fossil fuels, water for renewable energy sources, and byproducts, facilitating efficient storage solutions tailored to specific requirements. With corrosion-resistant materials, bolted tanks ensure the safe containment of hazardous substances common in energy production, while their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and compliance with regulatory standards further underscore their suitability for the energy sector’s diverse storage needs. Energy Industries include petroleum, and natural gas exploration and production, power generation, nuclear, biofuels, geothermal, cogeneration, solar, alternate energy, bulk storage, and liquid fuel terminals.

Bolted storage tanks offer an exceptional solution for a broad spectrum of consumer product industries. Their versatility allows for the safe and efficient storage of various liquids and materials crucial to these industries, such as agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, food ingredients, pharmaceutical compounds, and wastewater. With designs tailored to specific storage requirements, bolted tanks ensure optimal containment and preservation of products while meeting stringent quality and safety standards. Their corrosion-resistant construction and easy installation make them ideal for applications ranging from water treatment to waste management, facilitating sustainable practices and resource conservation across consumer product sectors. Consumer Products include industries such as agriculture, fertilizer, food processing, pharmaceuticals, soaps, surfactants and detergents, municipal water treatment and purification, wastewater treating and storage, resource recovery, and materials recycling.

Bolted storage tanks stand out as an excellent choice for Specialty Industries such as pharmaceuticals, desalination, semiconductors, solar Photovoltaics, and microchip manufacturing due to their precision-engineered design and superior material properties. These industries often require stringent storage conditions to maintain product integrity and purity, making bolted tanks ideal. They allow for storing sensitive materials such as pharmaceutical compounds, purified water for desalination processes, and chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing. Bolted tanks have exceptional resistance to corrosion and contamination, crucial for maintaining the high standards of cleanliness required in these industries. Their versatility and scalability further contribute to their suitability, providing reliable storage solutions that can adapt to evolving needs and technologies within specialty sectors.

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