UIG EVersTORE ® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted tanks

Created by fusing two materials to achieve the best properties of both – the strength and flexibility of steel and the corrosion resistance of glass – providing many advantages over standard epoxy coated or welded storage tanks.

The glass lining forms a hard, chemically inert layer that permanently protects the steel surface from rust, corrosion, undercutting, abrasion, and stains. In addition, UIG’s proprietary EVERSTORE® coatings are specifically engineered around your application from pH 0 to pH 14 providing even more corrosion resistance.

The Glass Fused-to-Steel construction of these bolted tanks is exceptional for the storage of potable water, wastewater, petroleum, chemicals and dry bulk in such applications as data center cooling tanks and reservoirs, power generation stations, standpipes, frac processing, sludge tanks, trickling filters, and high temp fermentation plants.

They are used in many different applications such as wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, and petroleum tank farms where steel corrosion would be an issue. Glass Fused-to-Steel Tanks are quick to manufacture and fast to erect in the field with our experienced crew or by utilizing a supervisor and local labor.

Pair with our UIG EVERDOME® Aluminum Dome Cover for virtually maintenance-free storage. 


UIG EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tanks are an exceptional choice for use as water storage tanks, wastewater tanks, leachate storage, and chemical storage. These tanks not only conform to the AWWA D103 standards but FAR EXCEED the standards by providing a stronger, safer product.

Manufacturers disguise their specifications as the AWWA D103 standard and many times the writer of those specifications put in extraneous requirements to weed out the competition and give the buyer fewer if any other choices. This tactic is not to the benefit of the project owner. Your UIG Glass Lined Tank Specialist can explain to you the differences between the current AWWA D103 standard and a specification written by a manufacturer.


UIG uses proprietary Titanium (Ti) Rich Hot Rolled Carbon Steel (TRS) which is specifically manufactured for the enameling process. This allows for exceptional physical performance and eliminates any fishscale defect. Furthermore, the superfine glass structure of the enameled layer provides the steel plates with excellent flexibility and durability. Other manufacturers choose a poorer quality A1011 Carbon Steel base, which is not recommended for durable and quality glass fused-to-steel bonding. A1011 is the least expensive steel and contains levels of carbon that will make it difficult for good glass adhesion.

In addition to Titanium (Ti) Rich Steel we also offer glass-fused-to-steel panels manufactured from ASTM A572 steel as per AWWA D103-09std.

UIG Proprietary Finless Bolts

The Best Bolts

The other manufacturers use the same fin-necked bolts to assemble their glass fused-to-steel tanks as they use for their epoxy coated tanks. Epoxy tanks can be touched up in the field so the use of fin-type bolts makes sense. Install these same bolts on a glass fused-to-steel tank and you will get cracking and scratches which can cause rusting inside the tank.

UIG’s proprietary fin-less bolts are the only bolts safe to use with glass fused-to-steel bolted tanks. They do not crack the coating during the installation process.


White paneled tank with an overflow pipe against a blue and orange sunset sky.

Bolted Steel Tanks are Exceptional For Many Applications

Potable Water, Fire Water, Wastewater, Data Center Water Cooling & Storage, Chilled Water (Thermal Energy) Storage, Leachate, Demin Water, Rescue Water, Crude Oil, Refinery Distillates, Drilling Fluids, Muds, Brines, Acids, Alkalis, Ethanol, Bio-Digesters, Bio-fuels, Vegetable Oils, Harvesting Rainwater, Thermoelectric Water Storage, and more.