Storage Tanks and buildings on an island in Alaska

28 – UIG Shop Fabricated Steel Chemical Storage Tanks, North Slope, Alaska

United Industries Group, Inc. is a top manufacturer of welded steel tanks of all capacities, from small applications of tens of thousand of gallons to the largest industrial tanks measured in millions of gallons.
We provide all types of tank for oil and gas production on a design build basis.
Our specialty tanks can be delivered as any type of modular process equipment from single vessel skids to complete offshore production topside or modular processing plants.


Stainless Steel Shop Fabricated Milk SIlo
Shop Fabricated Storage Tank for Milk Processing
Field Fabricated Big Bag Processing Plant
  • Separator Skids: Test, Production, Three-Phase, Two-Phase, Horizontal, Vertical, High Pressure Intermediate Pressure, Low Pressure, Free Water Knock Outs
  • Scrubber Skids: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Sales Gas, Fuel Gas, Vent, Flare, Instrument Gas, Inlet, Compressor Suction
  • Fuel Gas / Instrument Gas Skids: Scrubber, Filter Separator, Conditioning, Drier, Heater, Cooler, Pressure Regulator, Metering, City Gates
  • Gas Dehydration Units: Glycol, Desiccant, Refrigeration, Membrane
  • Manifold Skids: Prodution, Test, Gas Lift, Waterflood
  • Oil Treaters / Desalters: Heater Treaters, Electrostatic Dehydrators, Crude Desalters
  • Stabilizers: Crude, Condensate
  • Heaters: Flowline, Water Bath, Heat Exchanger Skids, Fuel Gas, Crude Oil
  • Water Treating Units: Disposal Caisson, Skimmers, Media Filters, Coarse Strainers, Hydrocyclone, Flotation, Coalescers, Polishers
  • Chemical Injection Skids: Storage and Injection, Demulsifier, Corrosion Inhibitor, Paraffin Inhibitor, Polyelectrolyte, Surfactant, Methanol, Glycol, High Pressure, Metering
  • Pump Skids: Pipeline, Wet Oil, Dry Oil, Utility, Diesel Transfer, Waterflood Injection, Hydrocyclone Feed
  • Membrane Separation Skids: CO2 Removal, Hydrogen Separation
  • Waterflood Systems: Filtration Units, Injection Pump Skids, Injection Manifolds
  • Launcher / Receiver Skids: Pipeline, Pig Traps
  • Gas Plants: Natural Gas Liquids, Refrigeration, Turbo Expander, Cryogenic, Lean Oil, Joule-Thompson
  • Gas Compressor Skids: Engine Driven, Reciprocating, Centrifugal, Turbine Driven
  • Vapor Recovery Units: Tank Vapors, Turbine Oil Mist Eliminators
  • Electric Power Generation Modules: Offshore Generator Buildings, Gas Engine Driven, Turbine Driven.
  • Switchgear and Control Buildings: Structural Steel Offshore Switchgear and Control Buildings
  • Production Platforms: Four-Pile Production Decks and Process Equipment, Oil Production, Gas Production