UIG Tanks and Domes for Water, Wastewater, Biofuel Storage & More

Workers using red steel jacks to lift the walls of a white bolted water storage tank

UIG Tanks crew lifting the walls of a 575,000 glass fused-to-steel water storage tank in Tennessee

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Two glass fused-to-steel makeup water tanks being installed in Tennessee

Nighttime view of four , blue, large glass lined water storage tanks in Tennessee

Nighttime view of four Glass Fused to Steel Bolted storage tanks at an industrial site in Tennessee. 

Two three million gallon blue water storage tanks being erected on a dirt pad on a construction site surrounded by green vegetation.

Two 3 million USG Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Water Storage Tanks being erected in the Cayman Islands.

Scaffolding surrounding a circular green metal water tank with installers on top of the tank roof.

Installing a 500K Glass Fused-to-Steel Water Storage Tank in Pago Pago

Two men using power tools to apply bolts to a white, circular manway on an industrial construction site.

UIG crew members installing the manway cover on a 250K epoxy bolted water tank in North Carolina.

Construction workers inside a ring of bolt together water tank panels

Installing the first ring for a glass lined, bolted water storage tank in American Samoa.

Wood plank scaffolding and two metal rings of a bolted storage tank

Using scaffolding to install the rings of a bolted water tank.

Worker in an orange shirt with a yellow hard hat lifting a green steel panel.

Crew retrieving panels for the next ring.  The Glass Fused-to-Steel coating is perfect for climates where salt water is prevalent.

Blue circular water storage tank with the words Welcome Neighbors painted on the side

Completed! 1 million gallon bolted water tank in with aluminum geodesic dome in Colorado.

Inside view of blue bolted tank with piping and ladder.

Interior view of glass fused-to-steel bolted water tank showing piping and interior ladder being erected in Ohio.

White panels inside a dry water tank, bolts, on floor, black sealant, silver triangular dome panels

Inside a 1 million gallon epoxy bolted tank with aluminum dome in Colorado.

Bolted Tank with Safety Ladder and platforms against a blue sky

500K USG Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Water Tank being erected in Ohio

Construction crew laying out white steel panels on a circular concrete pad

Laying the bolted steel floor for a glass lined water storage tank in American Samoa

Dark Blue Water Storage tank reflecting another tank. Galvanized tank ladder on left side. Brackets in front of tank

Installing the brackets for the overflow pipe on a Glass Fused to Steel Water Tank in Texas

Green Bolted Tank with rafters in the jungle

100k Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Water Tank being installed in American Samoa

Red hydraulic tank jacks on top of blue bolted tank floor

Beginning installation of a 500K Glass Fused to Steel Fire Water Tank installed in Ohio

Blue Bolted Tank with Spiral Staircase against a blue sky.

Another successful installation of a glass lined bolted water tank in South Carolina.

Tank floor and aluminum dome laying atop a dirt hill. Trees and mountains in the background. Blue Sky.

Steel Floor and aluminum dome for tank project in Northern, CA. 

Tank Glass Fused to Steel Water Tank with pipe and ladder

190K Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank installed in Northern , CA. 

Blue water storage tank with safety rail. Pine trees in front

100K USG capacity. Installed in beautiful Montana.

Inside a water storage tank looking at the aluminum dome room from below.

1M USG EVERSTORE® tank with Aluminum Dome, 63′ diameter x 38′ high, being installed in South Carolina. For many projects, UIG utilizes our heavy-duty hydraulic jacks, which make light work of installing our glass fused to steel and epoxy bolted storage tanks. UIG Tanks can be erected using jacks or scaffolding as the location demands.

Beige water storage tank with vertical insulation being installed on outside

Epoxy coated bolted water storage tank for chilled water storage, Central California

White steel panels with black sealant and aluminum geodesic panels.

Beautiful Inside and Out. Looking up at our EVERDOME Aluminum Dome Roof on our glass fused to steel bolted tank.

Installing an aluminum dome roof over an oil tank

One of three 20.4M diameter EVERDOME® aluminum dome roofs for welded oil slop tanks. Installed in Thailand.

Aluminum Dome beams atop a bolted steel tank

Installing the supports for an aluminum dome roof atop a 500K USG Fire Water Tank in Ohio.

Two White Storage tanks with aluminum domes on a wet field

Two Glass Lined Tanks in at a Pet Food Production Facility in Arkansas

Installer using an impact wrench to tighten bolts on a bolted tank panel

The UIG team is finishing the first ring on our glass fused-to-steel tank in Lakeside, CA. We make all our cuts in the factory before applying the glass coating. This step prevents damage to the glass coating, which would be caused by field cuts. This tank will be a 55.14FT x 27FT with a 426,000USG of usable capacity.

Light blue bolted tank with a stairwell being installed on the side. Small green bobcat in the front.

UIG EVERSTORE® glass fused to steel bolted tank in Indiana. As shown with this sky blue tank, we can customize any color for your next project.

Closeup of an aluminum geodesic dome roof on the ground in front of a concrete storage tank

The UIG team is making fast progress on our aluminum self-supporting geodesic dome roof for an 82’D x 85’H concrete water tank in  Utah.

Dark green bolted water tank with exposed nozzles. Blue sky, dirt lot.

67,000 USG Glass Fused to Steel bolted wastewater storage tank Florida.

Installing the side panels on an aluminum geodesic dome

UIG crew installing 8′ sidewalls on one of two 43’D Aluminum Geodesic Domes. This dome will cover a Lime Saturator Tank at a TX Water System Terminus Facility.

Two blue bolted water storage tanks with blue sky and grass

UIG’s recently completed EVERSTORE® cobalt blue, Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tanks in South Carolina for a large data center.

cropped Texas Dome Cropped

The UIG Team flying the dome on the first of two 43′ diameter Aluminum Geodesic Domes with 8′ sidewalls in Texas

Three Beige Water Storage Tanks with Cloudy Gray Sky. Construction equipment in the foreground

RTP Bolted Tanks like these installed in the California Desert are the ideal solutions for solar farms. Quick assembly with no hot work makes them ideal for all types of climates and site’s environmental restrictions.

Worker using survey equipment, white welded tank behind

A 575,000 USG API650 std Diesel Fuel Storage Tank in Northern Mariana Island. With External Bottom Grid Anode CP system, Secondary Containment system, Leak detection, and Fire protection system. The scope of work included developing the RFP package, complete the design of the tank and tank foundation system, fabrication of the material including shop priming, shipping to the site, and supervision of installation.

Three EVERSTORE Glass fused to steel tanks with dome roofs

The UIG Team, installing flashing around an EVERDOME® Aluminum Geodesic Dome. The tank is installed using a jacking method so that the dome can be built at ground level before lifting the tank.

Two blue glass fused to steel bolted tanks. Dirt field and skip steer in forerground.

Data Center construction. A UIG-EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Water Storage tanks with a combined usable capacity of 10,000,000 gallons of storage. Installed in the south-central region of the US. Four tanks are 1,350,000 gallons each with an additional eight tanks which are 575,000 gallons each. All tanks are topped with Aluminum Geodesic dome roofs.

Sky Blue Epoxy Bolted Tank with ladder and piping

 A 3,000 m3 ECO COAT- 973 epoxy coated bolted steel tank with 300mm of freeboard. The tank measures 28.14m diameter x 5m in height and includes a self-supported geodesic aluminum dome. The tank floor is concrete with an embedded starter ring.

Insulated bolted steel tanks and piping

UIG’s line of bolted tanks for Crude Oil Storage exceeds API-12B specifications. They are the best tanks for the storage of petroleum products, crude oil, drilling fluids, mud, water, and wastewater. Bolted tanks are preferred by the petroleum industry because, unlike welded tanks, they are simple and inexpensive to erect. No hot-work of any kind is required during erection operations so they can be erected without the danger of fire within the tank farm area. UIG Tank erection requires only simple equipment and tools and shorter turnaround labor resulting in considerable savings for your project.

Concrete storage tank with aluminum geodesic dome

110′ Diameter Aluminum Dome with ninety-degree aluminum catwalk, installed atop a concrete storage tank in Idaho.

Dome Construction

UIG Team assembling the dome for a 330,000 gallon EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Storage Tank in South Carolina. The bolted tank is in the background is approximately 40′D x 35′H with a self-supporting EVERDOME® Geodesic Dome roof designed per AWWA D108-10 standard.

Green Glass Lined Bolted Tank with safety ladder

EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Storage tank erected in American Samoa. 30.08’ dia x 40.0’ shell height with concrete floor. 320,000 US Gallons. Forest Green.

White Bolted Water Tank for processing plant in Arkansas

A 634,000-gallon EVERSTORE® – Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Water Storage Tank in Arkansas. Built to AWWA D103-09 and NFPA22 standards with NSF-61 certified materials. To date, UIG, Inc. has completed five EVERSTORE® tanks for this meat processing plant in Arkansas.

cropped 12500BBL tank at Al Udeid Air Base Qatar

Al Udeid US Air Base – Qatar. Cut-and-Cover API650std. Inner Steel tank. Due to humidity levels being so high in Qatar, United Industries Group Inc. performed all exterior sandblasting and coating operations at night time. All inspections were performed by KTA-Tator Inc. They also performed all of the inspections for us in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Base.

Installers erecting the beams for an aluminum dome tank roof. Two bolted tanks behind.

EVERDOME® Aluminum Geodesic Domes being built in front of two UIG EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Tanks. The ever-increasing demand for technology makes EVERSTORE® tanks with EVERDOME® roofs a vital component for server cooling in today’s demanding world of data storage.

View of an empty water reservoir with aluminum support beams inside

This reservoir cover project consisted of a 212′ x 212′ aluminum geotruss atop a concrete wall reservoir in southern California.

Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank and Aluminum Dome with buildings in the background

EVERSTORE® glass fused-to-steel bolted tank is approximately 40′D x 35′H with a self-supporting EVERDOME® roof. Designs for a power generation plant in South Carolina.

Underside of an aluminum geodesic dome in a star shape. Cloudy blue sky and safety cage.

UIG Team installing an EVERDOME® Aluminum Geodesic roof at a remote site in Pago Pago, American Samoa. UIG’s supervisor leads a local construction team in the installation of the dome on an EVERSTORE® AWWA D103-09 bolted tank with NSF61 certified materials for potable water storage.

Large Bolted Water Tank with aluminum dome roof. Heavy equipment and dirt job site.

AWWA D103, NSF61 Certified, 120FT Dia. x 44FT Tall RO Water Bolted Storage Tank with 3,300,000 USG of usable storage capacity for Northern Refinery Company (NRC), Ministry of Oil, at Baiji refinery in Iraq. Local construction of the tank foundation and tank erection was completed by a local UIG affiliate. 

Self supporting roof for glass fused to steel bolted tank

200,000 and 15,000-gallon EVERSTORE® NSF-61 certified Bolted Water Storage Tanks in Arkansas for a poultry processing plant. The smaller tanks were installed inside the Mechanical Room. The doorway was too small for a shop fabricated welded steel tank, so our prefabricated sectional glass fused-to-steel bolted tank was a perfect solution for this application. Tanks have both bolted glass fused-to-steel floors and 2:12 sloped cone decks.

Installation of an Aluminum Geodesic Dome on a Bolted Water Tank

American Samoa – United Industries Group, Inc. supplied design, fabrication, and shipping to a remote site in Pago Pago, American Samoa. UIG provided the supervision for the installation of two EVERSTORE® AWWA D103-09, NSF61 certified, potable water storage tanks.

Green Double wall Bolted Tank with Aluminum Dome

EVERSTORE® 1.3M USG usable capacity for each double-wall leachate holding tank for Lane County, Oregon. Special enamel Glass Coating System in conjunction with Titanium Rich Hot Rolled Carbon Steel that was produced specifically for enameling application was utilized to manufacture this tank to withstand pH levels from 2-13. UIG Finless tank bolts with EPDM rubber washers were installed even on the bolted steel floor to ensure zero damage to the tank’s enameling system during the field installation by UIG trained dealer. Galvanic Sacrificial Zinc anodes were installed on all submersible surfaces for secondary protection against corrosion.

Aluminum Geotruss Reservoir Cover with freeway in background

212′ x 212′ AWWA D108-10 Single Layer Geodesic Truss – Aluminum Roof Cover atop of existing concrete reservoir in Seal Beach, California. UIG engineering team created a unique Sliding Roof Support design that included sliding connections along all four concrete walls, shear walls, and sliding column connections to the underside of the roof. This design will provide free horizontal displacement so no shear forces will be transferred onto the concrete column. Additionally, the team was able to take a live load reduction per ASCE 7-05 from 20psf to 12psf due to the lack of snowfall in Seal Beach.

Catwalk on top of an aluminum reservoir cover with houses in the background.

150’L x 100’W AWWA D108-10 Bowstring Type Truss – EVERDOME ®Low Profile Aluminum Roof Cover atop of existing concrete water storage reservoir for the US Navy in Southern CA.

Field Located Nozzles

EVERSTORE® glass fused-to-steel bolted tanks arrive at the job site fully factory pre-fabricated. Every tank opening is precisely located per client-approved plans and then laser cut before glass enamel application. All edges are fully encapsulated in the glass coating system “inside and out” including nozzle openings, bolt holes, and external edges. Since 2012, UIG has pioneered factory locating of nozzles and we insist on it with every engineer. Field locating nozzles is not recommended but can be provided at the client’s request.

Inside a tank glass fused to steel tank with overflow and piping.

An inside look at a 500m3 ECO-COAT 973 Epoxy Bolted Storage Tank. This view shows the bolted steel tank floor. The floor is coated on both sides to prevent corrosion.

Lifting a geodesic dome atop an tan bolted water tank.

The UIG Team built this Aluminum Geodesic Dome on the ground and used a crane to lift it into place. UIG Aluminum Domes are lightweight and virtually maintenance-free.

Cathodic protection anodes hang inside a glass lined bolted tank

Cathodic Protection anodes installed on the inside of a Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Water Tank.

Dark blue bolted water tank with large overflow pipe, cloudy sky.

Another successful completion of this beautiful indigo blue 250,000 USG EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank in Central California.

Blue Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank being installed on a hill

Tinian, Mariana Province: 500,000-gallon AWWA D103-09 EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank with all NSF61 certified materials for potable water storage. All nozzles and accessories on this particular tank are composed of 316 stainless steel. The tank is equipped with a suspended magnesium anode Cathodic Protection system. A self-supporting geodesic aluminum dome roof is designed to AWWA D108-10. The design life of the EVERSTORE® NSF61 approved tank is a minimum of 30-40 years and with proper tank maintenance, the tank could stay in service for 50-years or longer.

Green Glass Fused to Steel Tank in Pago Pago with installers in a bucket and forest behind.

Successful completion of a beautiful forest green 320K USG EVERSTOREa® Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank in a remote area of American Samoa.

Men installing two dark gray paneled tanks with piping, ladders, cages.

100,000-gallon firewater tank and 15,000-gallon reclaim water tank at racing Experience Center Los Angeles in Southern California.

White panel tank with a level indicator, ladder with safety cage and overflow pipe.

650K USG NFPA22 Glass Fused to Steel Fire Water Tank in Arkansas.

Beige bolted tank with an aluminum dome roof erected on a hill. Overflow pipe, ladder and manway. Mountains in the background

450K USG NFPA22, NSF61 Firewater Tank in Southern CA.

White water storage tank with ladder and pipe next to a building.

Insulated Chilled and Hot Water Tank in Arkansas.

Blue Bolted Tank Floor with towers behind

500K USG Fire Water Tank Floor

Dark blue Double Wall tank on a hill with construction equipment. Blue Sky with Clouds

EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Leachate Tank, Manitoba Canada.

Blue Glass Fused to Steel Water Tank with Spiral Staircase. Building behild

680K EVERSTORE® Glass Fused to Steel Water Tank with Spiral Staircase