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In the dynamic world of industrial field construction, one might conjure up visions of towering structures, colossal machinery, and intricate projects. Yet, amidst the steel and concrete, there exists a fundamental force often underestimated: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). At United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG Tanks), DEI isn’t just a fleeting catchphrase; it’s the very bedrock upon which we’ve forged our success since our inception in 1969.

In the realm of industrial construction, we are well-acquainted with the complexities of demanding projects, rigorous environments, and unrelenting deadlines. Flourishing in this arena necessitates more than just technical prowess – it demands teams that are diverse, fair, and inclusive.

UIG Tanks boasts a workforce with origins spanning five of the world’s seven continents. This rich tapestry of diversity opens the doors to fresh, unexplored, and innovative ideas. It ensures that every member of the UIG team is better equipped to understand and educate our clients and reach new customers and demographics.

This diversity is a catalyst for increased productivity, thanks to the wider range of skills among employees, coupled with the wealth of experiences and perspectives present in our workplace. It fosters higher employee morale and ignites a desire to be more effective and efficient in everything we do.

From the boardroom to the construction site, amalgamating a team with a tapestry of backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and cultures unlocks the potential within each member, igniting pioneering solutions that set us apart in the industry.

Moreover, catering to the unique needs and expectations of our clients is paramount to our triumph. When our teams mirror the diversity of our clients in terms of race, gender, age, and culture, we gain a profound understanding of the subtleties of their projects, resulting in exceptional outcomes. It’s not just about constructing structures; it’s about nurturing trust and cultivating enduring client relationships.

At UIG Tanks, DEI isn’t a mere checkbox; it’s the cornerstone on which we’ve erected a harmonious, proficient, and innovative industrial field construction team. Embracing DEI principles empowers us to assemble formidable teams, nurture profound client relationships, and foster a workplace that champions safety and equality for all.

As industrial manufacturers and contractors, we bear a responsibility to our clients, our workforce, and our industry. Our true strength emerges from the equilibrium that diversity, equity, and inclusion bring. UIG Tanks proudly leads by example, extending an invitation to our industry peers to embark on this voyage toward a more inclusive and equitable future for industrial construction. Together, we can construct a better world – one structure at a time.

United Industries Group, Inc. is a Design & Engineering company plus manufacturer and integrator of Industrial Liquid Storage Systems.

UIG Tank’s customers base is comprised of privately held companies all around the globe, fortune 500 corporations, local and international water agencies and municipalities, major Oil & Gas operators, major U.S. and international Design-Build Engineering companies and contractors, US Army and US NAVY.

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