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EVERSTORE® Coating System & Factory Testing

From Potable Water to Aggressive Chemicals,
Glass Fused-to-Steel
Bolted Storage Tanks
are the Answer to your Storage Needs.


Prior to Glass coating all tank sheets and Mill Test Reports (MTRs) are inspected to conform with the project specifications.

Once the tank sheets have passed all inspections, they are grit-blasted to Near White Metal (SSPC- SP10 or NACE2) to provide a clean uniform finish with 1-2 mils. anchoring profile. Then the surface roughness will be measured.

Then all sheets are Glass Coated as per AWWA D103-09std Section 12.4 Glass Coatings and in full compliance with the requirements of International Standard ISO9001, EN15282:2007/ISO 28765.

Glass Frit is fused into steel at 1500°F.

Following the Glass coating application all sheets are tested and inspected as follows:

Non-Destructive Examination Testing of Enameled Glass –Fused-to-Steel tank panels:

  1. 1500V Dry Volt Test or a 67.5 Low Voltage Wet Sponge Holiday Testing  on both sides of the panels.
    Note: Any sheet registering a discontinuity is rejected. All inside sheet surfaces are holiday free.
  2. Measurement of Glass Thickness on both sides of the tank sheet (Frequency of the test is every sheet).
    Note: As per AWWA D103-09std Section 12.4 any sheets with the coating thickness less than 6mils DFT or over 19mils DFT are rejected.
  3. Fish Scale Test at 400F (Frequency of this test shall be one sheet per gauge lot).
    Note: Any sheet exhibiting fishscale are rejected and all sheets from that gauge lot shall be re-tested.
  4. Impact Adherence Test of Glass to Steel as per ISO and ASTM B916-01.
  5. The exterior color of the sheets measured using a colorimeter.

UIG Offers the Following Coating Systems:

  • 2-Coats & 2-Burns Process: 7-18 MILS DFT
  • 3-Coats & 2-Burns Process: 8-18 MILS DFT
  • 3-Coats & 1-Burn Process: 8-18 MILS DFT

Everstore® Glass Coating Characteristics:

  • Acid and alkali resistant pH:1-14
  • Hardness: 6.0 (Mohs)
  • Adhesion: 3,450 N/cm

Tank Color: Any tank color is available on request just provide the required RAL #.